Scam Bitcoin Trading

Scam bitcoin trading companies can be found online, and one of the most common is the USI-Tech. This website advertises a “robot” that supposedly trades Bitcoin and pays its members. It is, in reality, a pyramid scheme. You can be sure that the robot is a scam if it promises to pay some traders, but that is because it is impossible to make profits without a broker.

Scam brokers usually do not participate in live trading, and they are not regulated. They make money by tricking people into signing up with them and depositing their money. Since these platforms do not have a license from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, they cannot actually trade Bitcoin for their investors. It is illegal to operate as a trading platform, so there is no way to track them down. There are other signs that a company is a scam.

A scam trading site will never ask for documents such as bank statements or ID scans. They won’t even ask for security codes or bank statements. These sites will ask for basic information, such as your name and contact details. These will enable you to successfully register. You won’t even need to provide your payment information. However, you should be very careful with scam websites that claim to be legit. Keep an eye out for them!

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