Ethereum Cryptocurrency Scam

One of the biggest crypto scams of 2018 was an Ethereum cryptocurrency scam that was a classic Ponzi scheme. The scammers sent emails to Ether owners requesting money, and promising a guaranteed return if they contributed more. The return came from other people contributing to the pot. Unfortunately, the Ethereum cryptocurrency scam was too late, and the network has since launched a new version. While the Ethereum 2.0 network isn’t live yet, there are a few warning signs you can look out for.

The most common Ethereum cryptocurrency scam is a support scam. These people pretend to be support representatives from the site they are trying to swindle. They post questions in public channels to try to gain trust, then send private messages offering help. They attempt to gain trust by asking you to provide their private keys or send funds to their wallets. These fraudulent websites can be found on any popular chat application, so it is critical to be wary of them.

A support scam is the most common type of cryptocurrency scam. The scammer impersonates a support representative. They will search for a specific question in a public channel, then send a private message that claims to be a support staff member. The goal is to gain trust by tricking you into divulging your private keys or sending money to your wallet. A support scam can happen on any chat application, such as Twitter.

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